Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Well hello!

If your hair is anything like mine (thin, easily breakable, volume-less and just plain boring) trust me, you want these beauties in your life.
Ok, ok, the packaging isn't very sexy, the name makes you think twice about using it and those two horses...well, they don't help. But hey, who cares? I'm here to tell you how awesome this product is.

I first heard of this shampoo when a friend told me about a friend who'd been using it and her hair had grown loads within a few weeks. I must admit I was a bit skeptical about it as I have tried about a hundred products to make my hair thicker (from prescribed shampoos to specialized pills)  and nothing has ever worked but none the less I decided to give it a go, had nothing to lose and THANK GOD I did.

Within two weeks my hair not only had grown about half an inch but it felt thicker and stronger, which is exactly what I wanted. I have now been using it for about four months and I can honestly tell you that my hair has never felt better!

So yeh if like I said you have thin hair or you just want your hair to grow quicker definitely give this shampoo and conditioner a go! You can find it on ebay and amazon for about £8 :)

Have you ever heard of Mane'n'Tail before?


  1. This sounds amazing! Have the limpest, flattest hair so I'm always on the hunt for hair products to give it a boost - will definitely be trying this!
    Rachel Coco

    1. Yeh definitely give it a try! :) my hair has improved so much in the last few months!

  2. I've definitely heard of it! My best friend used to use it all the time, but then she said she got a gross residue on her hair from it. Have you noticed that happening to you at all?


    1. Hi, no I haven't noticed anything! Like I said, my hair feels amazing! Xxx