Saturday, 26 September 2015

Well well well, here I am again with yet another foundation review *#foundationhorder*.  I have been eyeing this beauty for about a year (since I tried the tester which lasted me about two weeks) and as I just started a new job I thought I'd treat myself (any excuse eh).

First of all, this is an expensive foundation (£31.50) and I just noticed when taking this photo that it isn't even 30ml! WHAT! But never mind, I know I would've bought it eventually anyway so why wait.
FEELS LIKE A FEATHER. WEARS LIKE AN INK. NO MORE COMPROMISE. 24 hours of soft-matte perfection and comfort. Our exclusive fine-as-ink formula perfects the skin yet wears weightlessly all day. Never cakey or heavy. Feel the difference of all day perfection and freedom. SPF 18. Available in 21 shades.

Let's start with the packaging, isn't it beautiful? I am a big fan of the whole black and gold theme and this could not fit it any better. The bottle is made of matte glass and it's slightly heavier than others. This foundation doesn't come with a pump but it comes with a applicator wand which I personally prefer as I don't waste any foundation on the back of my hand.

As for the 24h coverage, well, I think it's a bit ambitious, however it does last a good 16 hours but let's be fair, when are you ever going to wear make up for 24 hours straight? So as long as it last all day without having to re-touch it is good enough for me.

I decided to take photos of the before and after so you guys can judge by yourselves.

As you can see I have a little bit of pigmentation and quite a lot of freckles around my nose area and my forehead.

The application of this foundation is hands down the best I've ever tried (even better than the GA). It is mega soft, it blends heavenly and it really does feels like velvet.

I only applied one layer as I wanted to see how the coverage is without building it. As you can see it did cover all my redness but not so much my freckles (but it's ok, I like my freckles).

Overall I really like this foundation. I have quite dry skin and I have read some reviews where it said that this foundation flakes around the dry areas but I must say this hasn't happened to me so I'm guessing that only happens with severe dry skin. I also didn't wear any primer here so maybe a primer would help with that problem too.

Have you tried YSL Fusion Ink? What did you think of it? What do you think of the final result?
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  1. I am loving your posts beautiful! This foundation is stunning, makes you look even more flawless!
    Lots of love, Nancy x

    1. Thank you <3 I just checked your blog and it's soooo pretty! <3 <3 <3 x

  2. Wow! That transformation is incredible. The packaging for the product is enough to make anyone fall in love but the look of that on your skin is flawless!


    1. Isn't it pretty? I love the bottle! I'll go check out your blog now :D xx

  3. I *love* this foundation and use it daily, I think it's my favourite ever. I've never had any issues with it being dry. You have lovely skin!

    Amy - http://fourcatsplusus.co.uk x