Thursday, 31 March 2016

It's this time of the month already where you meet all my March advertisers! It has been a pleasure having you on my blog girls! With no further due, meet my Vegas and LA advertisers!

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My name is Hazzie Mahony and I'm a 20 year old Advertising, Marketing and PR student.  I seem to spend most of my free time thinking up new ideas for blog posts, writing and taking photos. But when I’m not thinking about blogging, I’m usually playing with my two pet bunnies, listening to the 1975 or spending time with friends.
My blog ‘Clear Cut Fashion’ started when I was 16 and looking for something to do after school and over summer – but now I feel as if my blog is actually an extension of me. I’d be completely lost without it! My blog tends to focus on beauty and lifestyle but over the course of the year I hope to incorporate more outfit and style posts into the mix. Blogging has improved my confidence massively – so much so that I also hope to start a Youtube channel in a couple of months to add even more personality onto my blog and hopefully make a friend or two If I’m lucky!
If you do pop on over to my blog, then I hope you enjoy what you see. Have a lovely day everyone! 
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Make Erin Over is a beauty & lifestyle blog, I live on a really tight budget so I focus on buying small amounts but awesome quality. I do posts on saving money tips & swatches. Also do empties, favourites & wishlists monthly :) 

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I am a UK beauty/lifestyle/fashion blogger, basically everything girly. I like to review makeup, fashion and do some serious hauls, I upload twice a week, one being my main post on Saturday, and the other one on Wednesday.

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I started blogging so I could share my love for Disney with other like minded people as well as hoping to improve my writing skills as I've always struggled to get things from my head to make sense on paper and for now it's helping.
I'm thankful to have met so many amazing people through blogging and with an upcoming trip to Disneyland Paris in April I can't wait to share my adventures with you along with other Disney inspired posts, and a sprinkling of lifestyle.
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All of my advertisers have amazing blogs so make sure you check them out and follow them on social media! If you're interested in advertising with Beauteur go here.

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