Monday, 28 March 2016

A couple of weeks ago I came to realize I hadn't bought any nail varnishes in over a year, say whaaat! I always seem to forget about nail varnishes either because I have them done and they last ages or because I just use the ones I already have.

This however, changed last week when having a look at Barry M website. I saw how many pastel shades they have and I decided to get a few as pretty much all the shades I own are dark and these are perfect for the spring and summer months. I had a hard time picking the shades as they're all so beautiful! In the end I decided to go for these four out of the 'quick dry speedy' range (I am way too impatient to wait for my nails to dry!)

In A Heart Beat (Pink) - Pole Position (Green) - Full Throttle (Orange) - Winning Streak (Nude).

So far I have been wearing the winning streak nude for a week and it only has chipped in one nail which is amazing considering I normally get them all chipped within a day or two! Also, it dried super fast so not waiting around for years until you can go and do something else!

What are you favorite spring nail colours? Have you bought any recently?

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  1. Gorgeous shades! My favourite has to be In A Heart Beat. I've recently bought Essie - Fiji and one of the new super gel's I think they're called from Rimmel in 'Grape Sorbet', but it fell on my kitchen floor and smashed everywhere before I had the chance to use it :( going to have to repurchase it xx

    Lauren |

  2. Wow a whole without buying nail polish for me that would be an eternity haha! I love this collection, the pink shade especially looks lovely :)
    xxx Claire

  3. I am going to need full throttle, almost bought it the other day - I should of! :) fab post. I love barryM!

  4. I love Winning Streak and In A Heart Beat! Cool names for all the shades as well x

  5. I too love the speedy range! Great colours and very long lasting!

    Parie x

  6. These are such gorgeous colours, I've just added Winning Streak and In A Heart Beat to my list! x

    Shellie Skillen

  7. I love all of these colours! Definitely on my wishlist now x

    Liz ~

  8. These shades are gorgeous, I think I may have to go out and buy 'in a heart beat'

    Emily / The Mini Mermaid

  9. Ahh Winning Streak looks absolutely gorgeous!


  10. Beautiful shades! I love that pastel green *heart eye emoji*


  11. the pink and nude is so pretty - I just wish I could get Barry M products over here in NZ
    Kathy x

  12. Gosh I'm in dyer need of some pastel nail polishes for spring! Need to trade in my black and greys! Lovely post!
    Niki xox

  13. I'd never normally wear green on my nails but it's so pretty! I picked up a duck egg blue the other day from Barry M it's gorgeous!
    Charlotte //

  14. Barry M nail varnishes are one of my faves, the colour range is amazing! I love these pastel colours you have picked up so appropriate for spring, and the fact they dry quick is a plus as painting nails and then waiting for them to dry is a chore for me, I always fidget and smudge them haha! Xxx
    Becky Shannon xx - Life-by-Becky

  15. ooh I love the look of full throttle! barry m are the best as well :') I've only tried one of the speedy ones though but this post is definitely making me want to try more!

  16. oooh these are so pretty! I had the barry m mint one a loved it! need to pick some more pretty colours up! quick question, how did you get the coconut lane widget? I'm now a blogger for them too (queeeens) and think it would be handy to have on my blog too.
    Thanks :)

    Katie x x.

  17. The green one is a really pretty one, and the pink! Lovely shades for Spring and Summer to team with a pretty dress and sandals. Now all we need is some UK sunshine, or a trip abroad ... ;)

    Laura xo

  18. I love all the shades you picked, especially In A Heartbeat & Winning Streak! <3

    Four Cats Plus Us - Amy