Monday, 2 November 2015

Hello beautiful people, I've decided once a month I'm going to do a battle of the lipsticks (BOTL) comparing two lipsticks that are quite similar somehow whether is texture, colour, price or finish. I will give my honest opinion about both and at the end I will decide which of the two wins for me. I thought it would be fun, what do you think?

For the first battle of the lipsticks I chose Revlon Creme Mink (£7.99) and L'Oreal Color Riche Matte Erotique (£6.99). I've been testing both of them now and all I can think is, how the hell am I going to chose between these two? I mean, Revlon is probably my favorite brand for lipsticks but have you seen how beautiful the L'Oreal one is? I think I've f*&%ed myself over by choosing these two! Never mind, let's get to business.

Mink has got more of a brown tone while Erotique has more of a pink base. As for the finish, Erotique is definitely matte as oppose of the glossy finish of Mink.

I've been wearing these two lipsticks only for the last two weeks and I've come to the conclusion that even tho matte lipsticks normally last longer on, in this case I have to give the point to Mink as it's definitely stayed all day long before without me having to re-touch it at all.

The packaging... well, I have to give it to L'Oreal simply because it's gold and it just looks expensive even tho the Revlon one is £1 more.

(left Erotique, right Mink)

Overall, I think both of them are awesome. They're both good quality lipsticks, very pretty colours and finishes for any look. It's a tough decision as I really do like both and even tho I like the matte finish of L'Oreal Erotique I love the darker colour of Revlon Mink. Mink also last slightly longer and it's more of an autumn colour, however the packaging for Erotique is just out of this world and I makes me want to have the whole collection but for the simple fact that I prefer the colour and it stays on for longer I have to go with Revlon Mink! Like I've mentioned before Revlon is one of my favorite brands for lipstick and they didn't disappoint with this one.

Which one do you prefer? Do you have either of these two? Let me know which one would you choose! 


  1. I love both but the mink shimmery shade looks especially nice! - Amy x

  2. Both the lipstick shades are gorgeous!
    Jabeen x