Friday, 30 October 2015

Hello lovelies!
I have been buying way too much stuff the last week. I should be getting my Christmas shopping started but instead I just keep buying make up. However, I don't feel very guilty about this haul as it really cost me less than £10 including PP. How? With Fragrance Direct. If you've never heard of this website go check it out as they sell a lot of stuff with massive discounts. I've got products from FD a few times now and the delivery is always quick and efficient.

On this occasion I went a little bit lip crazy. Starting with the Maybelline Moisture Extreme Lipstick in the shade Caramel Creme. It retails for £4.99 and I got it for £1.49, It;s a little bit too shiny for me but I think I'll stick a bit of powder on top to get a more of a matte finish. Up next is the L'Oreal Infallible Lip Liner in the shade Stay Ultraviolet. It retails for £4,29 and I got it for £1,50. I love this color on, It looks like a toned down purple and I think it would suit most people. Next one in line is the Astor Lip Pencil in Rosewood. Retails for £2,99 and I got it for £0.99. This one has a little bit more of a red tone to it and it lasts all day. Followed up by the L'Oreal Contour Parfait in  Rose Beige, Retails for £4.29 and I got it for £1.99 I do love this collection, I have five different ones but up until now I didn't have a nude colour and this one is perfect. And last but not least, I got this Playboy Gloss in Hot Toddy just because it looked like a very pretty colour and it was originally £10.99 and I got it for £1.49 so it seemed like a really good deal. I have never had anything by Playboy (in fact, I didn't even know they did make up) but this gloss is amazing!

I also got two blushers by Fashionista. Butterscotch (left) and Blush (right). I must admit these aren't the best blushers I've ever tried but they're not the worst either and considering they only cost £0.50 each (the retail price is £4.00) I couldn't say no. These two shades are really pretty but if you want to show any colour at all you have to build it up quite a lot but if you're like me and you just like a slight touch of colour on your cheeks these are perfect for that.

I also got a grey NYC Long Lasting Nail Polish. This was a little bit disappointing as I didn't find it long lasting at all, in fact, the next day it was all chipped and it looked horrible!

If you'd like to have a look at the website you can check it out here. They have really cheap brands and more high end brands like MAC or Bobbi Brown.

So this is it, my under £10 online make up haul. What do you think? Have you shopped at FD before?


  1. The lipsticks looks lovely, I love their colours! It's a shame that the NYC nail polish wasn't as expected, I hate it when they don't last and look all chipped one day after you have done your nails ��

    Thanks for sharing, nice pick ups !

    Have a wonderful day


  2. I'm always weary about ordering make-up online but these look like great choices!
    Jabeen x

  3. I've heard of fragrance direct but never actually had a look there myself! Your post certainly makes me want to!

    Musings & More

  4. Love the lip shades you picked up! - Amy x