Sunday, 20 March 2016

So I have to admit that spring is my least favorite season when it comes to make up. In fact, I don't like spring at all. I get really ill with allergies and the weather is always funny and I never know what to wear. I think the only good thing about spring is my birthday in May and that's about it.

When I think about spring make up I instantly think pinks. Pink lipstick, pink blusher, pink everything and I don't think I suit pink at all. As you probably know from previous posts I'm all about the extreme dark lip or very nudes. Anything in between I'm not very used to.

However, over the years I have seemed to have accumulated a fair few pink lipsticks and so I thought I'd show you the few ones I do wear every now and then when I'm feeling very girly. As you can see, all the lipsticks I've chosen are high street as I wouldn't spend a lot of money on a pink lipstick for the simple reason that I don't wear them enough.

So starting left, MUA Luxe Serene and Criminal. I absolutely love the formula of these liquid lipsticks. A few posts back I talked about these (different shade) on my Top Five Under £5 post. They're very long lasting and not drying. My favorite of these two is definitely Criminal, looks stunning on!

I couldn't have a lipstick post without any Kate for Rimmel London lipsticks. In this occasion I have chosen 33 and 004. Both are very hydrating and just like all other Rimmel lipsticks are great. Just like with the MUA ones, I like the darker shade more.

Last but no least, my two favorite ones of the lot are the Barry M 145 and Sleek's Candy Cane. The Barry M one is the closest to the darker shades I usually wear so it's probably the one I use the most of the lot and Sleek's Candy Cane stays on your lips forever!

What do you like and dislike about spring? What's your favorite pink lipstick of all times?

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  1. My favourite thing about spring is the clocks changing, so it gets lighter in the evenings again! I can't wait for the sun to be shining for longer, and cute bbq's on the beach. I think i'm the same when it comes to pinks, I shy away and would never ever wear a bright pink (unless you include Posie K by Kylie Cosmetics) but I bought Pink Plaid by MAC and I love it so, so much. It's just muted and dusty enough to make it the most wearable pink ever. You should definitely go and swatch it sometime!

    Em | beautyandbullshitt x

  2. I love everything pink but I don't seem to wear a lot of pink shades when it comes to make-up! Pink lips can scare me a little if they aren't quite nude but I should really branch out as these are all gorgeous! x


  3. I don't wear pink shades at all either, make up or clothing! but these do look lovely! :)

    Heather x http://heathermaisie.blogspot.co.uk/

  4. I barely wear pinks but I'm determined to try new shades this year! X
    Love Vicki | victoriajanex

  5. Criminal looks epic, I love that shade!

    fourcatsplusus.co.uk - Amy <3

  6. I never wear pink lips, but I head towards more pink-toned lips rather than brown (Kate Moss by Rimmel in 03 is one of my favourites). I love being able to pull off blusher in spring as well, instead of it looking like I've been hit by the wind!

    Sophie x | Essential Twenty

  7. I rarely use MUA products, but that bright pink looks SO SO nice!!
    sirensandbells.co.uk x

  8. Beautiful photos! I really need to get my hands on the MUA Luxe range!
    Charlotte // www.charlottespicks.com