Monday, 26 October 2015

We all know how amazing and affordable Real Techniques brushes are. However, if you'd like an even cheaper alternative that work just as well just keep reading.

Me being the eBay freak that I am, I discovered these dupes just browsing around and seeing how they looked exactly the same I decided to order one to see if not only they looked the same but worked as well as the real ones. Now I have six. Honestly, they work exactly the same as the real ones and I've had them all for over six months now. I've washed them over and over and I still haven't found any faults.

These brushes are between £1.50 to £3, depending on where you get them from. I get mine from here. They come from China so they do take a while to get to you but it's well worth the wait for the price as you pay no postage and packaging either.

So if like me you're always skint and always trying to find the best bargains, this is definitely one of them!


  1. These sound amazing! I never really trust those super cheap dupes on Ebay, so it's great to have a review. Definitely gonna try them out :)

    Misia xx |

  2. This is good to know! I do love Real Technique brushes. Thanks for the recommendations :)

  3. Never tried the RT brushes, but these look exactly the same! thanks for sharing with us! :) xx

  4. I love my RT brushes and wish I could get more of them. I might have a try at the dupes but personally, I do love having the original more most of the time.
    xx Lisa | Following Lisa

  5. I love Real Techniques but these look cool! Might have to try them out for myself.
    Louise |

  6. Such a good idea but a bit too late as I have the majority of their brushes hah!
    Charlotte //

  7. Awesome find, I'm going to order these to try out! Thanks for sharing. - Amy x