Tuesday, 2 February 2016

With all the hype going on about the new H&M beauty and make up range we have seemed to completely overlooked one of their competitors who in my opinion is just as good or even better. Not many people are aware of New Look PURE Colour Make Up line but in the last few months I have become a very big fan of this line. Here's some of my favorite products I own from New Look.

Lips Products
So far I have three lipsticks, a lip gloss and a lip liner.
The lipsticks are super creamy and very long lasting. From left to right: Aubergine, Sunset Red and Apricot. Apricot is one of my favorite nudes, Sunset Red is the perfect shade of red for summer with orange undertones and Aubergine couldn't be more 'me'!
The lip liner is perfect to wear under Apricot and it makes it stay on longer and the lip gloss called Mocha is to die to for when you're wearing a statement eye!

Eye Products
Pure Length is probably my favorite of them all. I absolutely love this mascara, it's waterproof and my lashes look super long when I wear this mascara (every single day). I've already re-purchased it three times!
This eye shadow is the perfect dark gold shade (it's called bronze), is super pigmented and it last forever too with a good eye primer!

Face Products

As for face products I only have the liquid concealer in the lightest shade and the pressed powder and while I love the concealer, the powder seems to be slightly dark for me so I will have to wait to use it in summer when I have a tan!

Nail Products

New look have a really big range of colours when it comes to their nail varnishes, they have a few different ranges, regular nail polish, matte, glitter, textured and gel polish. So far I only have two mattes, dark purple and dark red but I really want to try the gel polish ones!

Have you tried any New Look make up? Also, make sure you enter my give away! There's only two days left to win this Stila Eye Shadow Palette!


  1. Hi dear, great post and you have a wonderful blog. Would you like to follow each other? if you decided to follow me on BLOGLOVIN, please let me know so I can follow you back. Thank you.

  2. I actually didn't really realise that New Look did a full makeup range, I thought they only stocked a few varnishes and some perfume, so I'll definitely have to check this out next time I'm in one of their bigger stores. Love the nail varnish shades you picked up and the lipsticks sound lovely! Great post x

    emily x ❤ | emilyloula

  3. I used to work for New Look and was so excited when their make-up range came in. I think they're really good value for money, especially when you're on a budget!

  4. I always see the make-up stand in New Look but never check it out or buy anything. But from your review and the products shown in the pictures, I think I need to check them out and have a try. The lipstick's look and sound so lovely!x

    Lauren |

  5. I have one of their lip pencils, which I love. I must check out their lipsticks. The look great xx

  6. Love the frosted packaging on the nail polish, do you think the matte ones are good? New look have definitely upped their make-up game!
    Charlotte //

  7. I would definitely enjoy the lipgloss. Such an amazing color!
    Victoria ♥

  8. The nail varnish looka really nice! I bought the highlighting stick last summer and I love it, it has the perfect amount of shimmer and gold in it. Its amazing! X

  9. I really love their packaging, super sleek. I've never heard of them before but they seem to really have a nice line going on, and will definitely give them a try! xo

    McKenzie |

  10. I recently tried New Look make up and can't believe how good it is! Also the matte nail polish is amazing.

  11. Like some of the other commenters I had no idea they had a range out. You've inspired me to go and check it out, some of these products look really nice!

    Amy - Four Cats Plus Us