Sunday, 31 January 2016

I have to admit that I am the laziest person on earth when it comes to putting creams on my body. I am forever trying to get into a routine but I just never seem to stick to it and I end up forgetting half of the time. Not only that, but I don't like feeling all sticky after a nice shower so I was super surprised how much I liked this body butter the first time I tried it.

I got the limited edition Baylis & Harding jojoba, silk and almond oil body butter in my stocking last Christmas and I opened it to smell it straight away. I love Baylis and Harding soaps *they all smell amazing* so I was super excited to see what this body butter smelled like! Another thing I suck at is describing smells so I wouldn't trust myself so much to be very accurate with my description but here it goes; I can definitely smell almond *sitting here with the pot half an inch away from my nose* and gingerbread. Have you tried the ginger bread latte from Costa? That is exactly what this smells like and that might be why I love it so much!

Apart from making me smell super yummy, what I love the most about this body butter is that it isn't sticky at all on the skin, it dries within seconds and it leaves my skin feeling extremely smooth and fresh! For someone who doesn't use many body creams, I have been using this one about three or four times a week!

Unfortunately this is a limited edition which sucks because I love it so much! Also, this body butter is 250ml and it's only around £3. I will definitely be getting different body butters from Baylis & Harding!

Have you tried any B&H products? Any body butters? Do you love them as much as I love this one?

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  1. I love Baylis and Harding!! This body butter looks so nice. Brilliant blog post <3