Wednesday, 20 January 2016

I've come to the conclusion that I have a slight obsession with lipsticks. I already have over fifty, however I can't seem to stop buying them.

One brand that I've loved for years is Sleek. I honestly love their lipsticks, some of them more than others but in general they're all beautiful. The reason why I say some more than others is because I find that some of them are longer lasting than others and I don't know why because the formula is exactly the same in all of them!

My plan is to have every single shade they do, so far I have ten out of the 31 shades they offer so there's still a long way to go!

This time I got three shades, two new and one that I always buy again once it's finished.

Vixen: I have been wearing Vixen for about five years now and it's on my top three favorite reds. It has an orange tinge to it and I think it looks super sultry on!

Liqueur: So far I only had darker shades so I thought I'd try a nude shade and I'm so glad I chose this one because it is the perfect champagne color that looks amazing if you decide to do a statement eye!

Smother: Last but not least, I think I am in love with this shade. I can't believe it's taken me this long to get it. Smother is a deep purple and I have worn it about five times since I got them last week, can't get enough of it!

These three shades in particular are very long lasting, I wore Smother to work for a 8h shift and it was still pretty much perfect when I got home! 

I honestly love Sleek lipsticks, do you have any? Which one is your favorite?


  1. I've never tried Sleek lipsticks before, but now I think I need to plan a trip to Boots and buy some asap! Lovely post x

  2. i've never tried anything from Sleek before, but these lipsticks sound so good! lovely post and i love your photos:-)xx

  3. I've never heard of Sleek before, but they look SO amazing swatched out! And I really love Vixen! Definitely going to look these up and try them out! xo

    McKenzie |

  4. Those swatches look so pigmented, I've actually never tried Sleek but it's apparent I'm just going to have to now!

  5. I love those shades! We have to use sleek make-up for college so I cant wait to try them out!
    Charlotte //

  6. These shades are EVERYTHING! Adding to the wishlist..!

    Jemma |

  7. You have 10?! I need one if they're that good! Love your blog, just followed and I'm from south wales too!

    Blog:: Hannah Rose

  8. Those lipsticks look incredible.

  9. I've never tried sleek makeup, but these look beautiful!
    I own way too many lipsticks, but mainly nudes, I'm a bit nervous to branch out to colour! X

  10. Smother looks amazing! I can imagine that shade would really suit you. I'm craving a nice rich purpley shade like that at the moment and browns ... Really into browns at the moment <3

    Amy - Four Cats Plus Us

  11. I've never seen Smother in my local shop! I always see a BRIGHT purple, but not this...absolutely in love!
    Jess | ♥

  12. I have Sleek in Vamp which is a matte finish and it doesn't stay put at all on a night out. I felt like it had come off between every photo the night I wore it. Although the shade is beautiful and on days when I'm not drinking too many liquids or eating it does last a bit longer, still only maybe 2 hours or so.