Saturday, 5 December 2015

As you may know if you read my blog, a week ago I attended a Miss Patisserie event in Cardiff (you can read about it here). As always, when I go to events I like getting some of the things they offer and test them myself so this time I ended up getting a body scrub, a face oil and a perfume. 
I can't tell you much about the face oil just yet as of course it takes more than a week to see any results. As for the perfume, I went for a raspberry and orange and I love it. It's very fresh and perfect for every day. It also comes in a tiny bottle so it's great to have it in your bag.

Now, the winner is definitely the body scrub. I really cannot rave enough about it. I have been telling every body at work and I keep making them touch my skin and they all love it! There was quite a few different smells and I struggled to decide which one I liked the most if I'm being honest because all of them were so dreamy! In the end I went for the 'Coco' one. Their body scrubs are 100% made from natural ingredients and they're produced and designed here in Cardiff. Coco has a tropical smell to it, like coconut mixed with lime and sweets. It really does make you want to eat it. Miss Patisserie describes this product as nourishing and moisturizing sugar body scrubs, perfect for bright and glowing skin. They are packed with antiflammatory jojoba oil and restoring sweet almond oil as well as renewing Vitamin E.  I could not agree any more!

I have used this product three times now and from the very first day I have felt such a different in my skin, it's hard to believe! In winter I always get very dry skin in my hands, forearms and elbows to the point where if I scratch my arm it turns white of how much dry skin there is, well, that hasn't happened since I've been using this body scrub. It removes all the dead skin and hydrates the skin in a way I can't even describe! My skin feels so smooth and it smells so good for over twenty-four hours and the thing that I love the most about this body scrub is that you don't need to moisturize afterwards! 

I wish I could give you all a tiny bit to try it because you'd fall in love with it as much as I have! I will definitely be purchasing different smells (there was a watermelon one that was to die for!). 

You can visit their website at or if you live in Cardiff check out their store at the High Street Arcade!

What is your favorite scrub? What your new favorite skin care product?


  1. Ooo I've not heard of this before! Thank you for sharing!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

  2. This sounds lovely!

    xo, Liz

  3. I've never heard or seen these products before but the product sounds lovely!
    Charlotte //

  4. I want to try this scrub! I like salt and olive oil scrub.