Friday, 27 November 2015

So I don't know if you've heard but a couple of days ago it was the opening of the biggest H&M in the UK and it's in Cardiff, where I live. Isn't that awesome!? Anyway, I could not help myself and I had to go have a browse as soon as I finished work. It was so busy I couldn't really look around much, let alone trying any clothes on! As it was so busy I decided to go straight into the 'home' and the 'beauty' section ignoring all the pretty clothes on my way.
The home section is amazing, I literally wanted to buy everything in there but again, it was so packed in there I couldn't have a proper look so I just grabbed a pretty candle holder (£2.99).

Now, the beauty section, oh my God. I know every body had been raving about their beauty products but I had never seen them before in any H&M store so I was so happy to see there is a full beauty department in this new store. I obviously had to check it out, regardless of all the people in my way. I can honestly say I spend over 40 minutes browsing and swatching everything!

I love the packaging of their products and the way it was all presented made me want to buy every single piece of make up. Obviously I couldn't afford that so I had to narrow it to the following items.





I got two eye shadows (Down to Earth and Wild Sable). As you might know by now if you read my blog, I love berry colours and browns so I couldn't leave without getting these two shades. There is so many different shades in this collection that it was hard deciding which ones to take home (I have a feeling I will end up getting a lot more of these). They are highly pigmented and they're only £4.99.

Next I moved onto the lip section and for a lipstick addict that was a bit of a torture because I can honestly say I loved all the colours! The packaging of the lipsticks is amazing and gold but in the end I decided to go for this lip stain in the shade Chic Choc. It's similar to MAC Mauve, just a little bit darker, which I love. I got a lip liner too (Cherry Tart), again berry colour. This lip liner is extremely pigmented and it wasn't easy to take it off my arm when I did the swatches so I'm hoping it will last long on my lips!

Talking about lips, just like most people my lips get really badly chapped in winter and they look horrible so when I saw this lip scrub I had to get it. It smells amazing too! I will let you know if it works when I've been using it for a while!

I also got a eye shadow blending brush and a lash curler because I love the rosy golden colour so much!

So here's everything I got at the H&M opening. Everything was 25% off yesterday so I did end up saving quite a lot of money!

Have you tried any of H&M beauty products? What do you think of the package? I think it's all beautiful and looks very expensive considering the price!


  1. wow! they look gorgeous...none of the H&M shops near me stock the beauty yet :(
    Jess xox || www.beautifulbreakable.com

  2. Wow you're so lucky to have such a large H&M so close to you! The packaging is so much classier than I would expect also!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

  3. I am yet to see any of the H&M beauty range in any of my closest H&M stores! I can't wait to finally track it down and try out a few things x
    Louise | helloteddy.co.uk

  4. Love your picks, I'm planning to raid the new H&M for lots of their beauty products soon, a fair few have made their way onto my wishlist!

    Amy - http://fourcatsplusus.co.uk