Wednesday, 11 November 2015

In my teens I always saw Dior as more of a grown up brand. There's no doubt that it is a lot more sophisticated, elegant and classy that many of other brands. It was almost inaccessible and quite expensive for a seven teen year old just getting into the whole make up 'thing'. But guess what? I am now a more sophisticated, elegant and classy twenty eight year old grown up. Or at least I like to think so. It's no lie that I got mega excited when I got invited to the State of Gold DIOR Christmas collection blogger event in Debhenams Cardiff and I could not refuse the invitation.

Apart from the J'adore perfume, I've never had a Dior product before so it was great to see not only the Christmas collection but everything else they have in store.

At the event, Anthony (in store make up artist) showed us how to create a winter/festive look with a gold and copper tones using the Blazing Gold eye shadow palette which, by the way, I love!

What struck me most was that he also used the Diorskin Airflash spray foundation. Some of us got to try it after the demonstration and I can honestly say it looks flawless. You can use on top of your regular foundation for an airbrushed finished or you can use it as a foundation by itself. The bottle is £33 but unlike most foundations this one is 70ml.

When having a look around I found these Addict Fluid eye shadows and I couldn't resist swatching them. They are absolutely gorgeous and so long lasting that even five hours after the event finished they were still intact on my wrist. I especially love the copper tone on the top right corner, I think it would look great on the eye lid with a black smokey eye. I will definitely be adding them to my letter to Santa. 

We also got an amazing goodie bag *who doesn't love a goodie bag*. There's some perfume testers (great to have them in your bag) and the cutest little samples!

Dior Maximizer Lash Plumping Serum. A lash primer that creates a smooth, even mascara base while promoting long-term lash growth, strength and vitality.

Dior Addict Lip Maximizer. Give your lips an instant volume and shine with this lip plumper.

Rouge Dior 999 Red Lipstick, A luxurious, full-coverage lip colour. 

I can't thank enough the staff at the Dior counter as they were both very nice and helpful. I bought something from their Christmas collection and it's limited edition so I will be writing another post about my purchase. Stay tuned because it is beautiful! Also, if you haven't checked out the Dior counter at your local Debhenams lately do it, because this collection is amazing!


  1. I went to this event too. I love Dior and enjoyed looking at all the new stuff x

  2. Your stuff looks shit hot against your marble ;) x x x x

  3. It all looks so pretty! I've never tried anything from Dior, but this is making me want to!
    Laura x FloraLooTwo

  4. I adore Dior! I own three foundations and a highlight and they all scream high quality, pricey? yes, but worth every penny in my opinion ^_^
    Iqra | The Blushing Giraffe x