Friday, 23 October 2015

I must admit that up until a couple of years ago I didn't really pay attention to my skin at all. Taking my make up off at nights was the last thing on my mind before going to bed and I didn't even use moisturizer! Pretty bad, I know.

Now days it's not like I'm obsessed with my skin but I have learnt to take care of it with a very simple routine. I don't particularly like to spend a lot of money on skin products as I confess I am very lazy and I probably wouldn't end up using them enough, I mean, using only a couple of products is hard enough for me! Apart from the ones I'm going to mention, there is plenty more things that will make your skin better like eating well, drinking plenty of water, exfoliating once a week, face masks, etc.

For those who don't know me well here's a little bit of history about my skin; As a teenager I had very oily and greasy skin, a lot of spots and massive pores. My skin is more on the dry side now, however I still have a few marks and discoloration from those teenage years.

Here's the top three rules that have helped me to clear my skin in the last couple of years.

  • Take your make up off every night. This is probably the most important one. I use a regular make up wipe and then cleansing milk with a cotton pad. After that I use my electric cleanser brush with a anti-spot soap and I make sure I rinse it properly. I got my electric cleanser from eBay for a tenner and it works perfectly fine so you don't have to spend hundreds on one like most guru's do.
  • Anti-spot soaps are normally very drying, and that's why having a moisturizer that works for you is very important. I moisturize every night, every morning, and every time I put make up on. I also put Vaseline on my lips every night and morning. You don't have to use a very expensive moisturizer but you have to try a few and find the one that works best for you as every single one is different in each skin.
  • Not touching your face constantly is super important. This is something you might not notice but we're constantly touching our faces. It's natural and very hard to stop. Unless you're a clean freak and wash your hands every two minutes, our hands are full of bacteria most of the time and that transfers to your skin every time you touch your face so next time you find yourself touching your face, remember that! Having your hair off your face will help not getting a greasy forehead too. As a teenager I used to have a fringe and my forehead was always covered in spots and very greasy which wasn't pretty! For some reason I was embarrassed or showing my face completely but now, hair tied back days are my favorites. 

So as you can see, you don't need to splash out £70 on an eye cream, another £50 on moisturizer, £30 on a lip scrub and plenty of other things to clear your face, as long as you follow these simple and cheap rules your skin will improve a lot. 
Now, I'm not saying that using expensive products don't help, of course they do, but if like me, you prefer spending your money on other things *coughs* *make up* these simple rules work miracles too.

Do you have a simple routine too? Let me know guys as I love reading about skin routines! <3


  1. Ahh, the face touching thing is one of my downfalls! I'm terrible for it, especially if I've got any spots (if I can feel them on my face then I find it really hard not to automatically reach up and touch them!). I try to use antibacterial hand gel through the day for a bit of damage control so that when I do, inevitably, touch my face at least it's not *so* bad!

    Misia xx |

    1. I know, it's so hard to avoid touching your face! It's definitely the hardest one for me too! The antibacterial hand gel is a great idea tho! <3

  2. Definitely agree with all of these! Drinking a lot of water also helps to clear your skin :)
    Rita x

    1. Yeh, definitely! I drink about a litre of water every day and I still think I should drink more!

  3. Such an informative post, brilliant!
    Charlotte //

  4. Great post 😊 I think the power of drinking water regularly is hugely underrated! I try to use apps like plant nanny to help me remember to drink it haha X