Saturday, 10 October 2015

For the last few years I have been obsessed with YouTube, to the point where I even had my own channel! I can literally spend hours watching beauty videos!

Today I decided to talk about my top five favorite beauty vloggers and yes, most of them have thousands, even millions of followers but I also follow vloggers with a lot less followers so if you'd like me to do a post with less 'famous' youtubers please let me know!

I'm gonna start with my most favorite person on YouTube, Kathleen Lights.

Kathleen was probably one of the first youtubers I followed (about two years ago) and so I've been following her from pretty much the very beginning. Kathleen is from Miami, Florida but her family is from Cuba so she has some Spanish roots just like me. 
I don't know what it is with her that every time I watch a video of her (trust me, I've seen every single one she's ever uploaded) feels like she's talking to me, almost like she's a really close friend *of course she doesn't know that yet* and she always looks SO stunning, doesn't she?

Go check her out here.

Next on my list is Stephanie Lange. 
Stephanie is from Australia and she's a make up artist. She loves Guns'n'Roses (and so do I). Anyway, Stephanie combines videos about make up, skin care and sometimes life advise. She's beautiful and she's talked about her insecurities before. She's said in videos that when she started she was very embarrassed about her skin (I think she looks beautiful without make up too) so she didn't use to put up videos of her without make up. She does now. She's grown so much since I started following her it's incredible! 
Another great thing about Stephanie is that she usually replies to all your comments so she's very interactive, which again, it's great!

Check out her channel here.

I couldn't have a favorite youtubers post and not talk about this beautiful girl Rosanna Pierce.
I've been following Rosanna for a while now too and I must say her videos keep getting better and better! She also Vlogs every week which is great as you get to know her a little bit more. 
One thing I love about Rosanna is that she uses quite a lot of high street brands which is great because they're affordable and so you can re-create the looks she does without having to spend hundreds of pounds in products! I must say as well, that if it wasn't for her, I probably would've never discovered Make Up Revolution!

Go check her channel here.

Loey Lane is to say the least an inspiration. She's beautiful, smart and very confident. She always gives plenty of advice and talks about insecurities very often. I just love seeing someone loving their own bodies regardless of the size and like I said, her videos are so encouraging and inspiration to a lot of women.

Go check her channel to see what I'm talking about! here

And last but not least, NikkieTutorials. She started YouTube over 5 years ago and she's become one of the most famous youtubers of the moment. I'm sure you've seen all those 'Power of make up' videos going around? Well, she started it. She's very confident and funny and she's not scared of making a fool of herself. I want to be her friend.

Have a look at her channel here.

So there's a few of my favorite YouTubers at the moment. Like I said I follow so many and I love so many I couldn't mention or talk about all of them! Who's your favorite YouTuber of the moment? Do you already follow any of these beautiful girls?



  1. i've recently discovered Kathleen Lights! i love this post, i'm going to check out these YouTubers now because i haven't heard of any of them before! my favourite YouTubers are ThatsHeart, Christine Dominique and Shani Grimmond, they're good beauty YouTubers too:-)xxx

  2. Kathleen Lights & Nikkie Tutorials are also amongst my favourites, they're just so good (I never get bored watching them). I will go off to check the rest of the girls now as I love discovering new Youtube channels x

    Beauty with charm

  3. Nicole Guerriero, Camila Coelho, Annie Jaffrey and I also like a German youtuber called funnypilgrim a lot (:
    Nati xx

  4. Wonderful post! I love the pics:)

  5. Thanks for this roundup, I'm now subscribed to a few new feeds! My favourite beauty YouTuber is Jamie Genevieve.

    Amy -

  6. I love finding new people to watch on YouTube so this was a great post. :) I also adore Kathleen Lights. I think she's beautiful and really sweet. Love her reviews and tutorials. xx

    Renata | Diorshow Mascara Giveaway