Monday, 29 February 2016

I finally did it, I finally got the Maybelline Sensational mascara! After seeing that so many other bloggers love this mascara I decided to purchase it to see if I agree with all the fuss.

As much as I love having long lashes, I must admit I'm rubbish with mascaras, it's just not something I like spending money on, I mean, sure some work better than others but it's not something that excites me like for example, lipsticks.

Now there's so many good reviews about this mascara that I really could not go any longer without trying it and for the reasonable price of £7.99 I couldn't resist.

The brush has one side with long bristles and it's slightly curved to separate and elongate the top lashes and a shorter bristles side for the bottom lashes.

First thing I noticed is how black it is which already earned itself some brownie points. This mascara definitely separates my lashes and it also makes them look longer. In the below photo you can see the difference with just one coat.

This mascara is great with just one coat however, when I tried to build it up and do another layer it became clumpy and it separated my lashes too much but it doesn't bother me as one layer is more than enough to see the difference!

Overall I am very impressed with this mascara and I'm very happy I decided to give it a go!

Is Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara one of your favorites? If you haven't tried it yet, I highly recommend it!


  1. I adore this mascara, reading this has reminded me that I've ran out and I definitely need to go and purchase one again! x

    Jodie // Jodie Loue

  2. I am in love with it too! I actually have multiple back ups because I buy it every time I see it on sale!
    Kelly xx

  3. This looks lovely, i am currently loving Seventeen's Long Lash Mascara.
    Emmy | Emmys Beauty Cave | Bloglovin

  4. This mascara has been on my list to buy for ages, and I actually just saw that it's on special in my local pharmacy so I think it might be joining my collection verrrry soon haha! I've wanted to try it for so long!
    Lovely post :) x

  5. Beautiful photos! This mascara adds so much length it's ridiculous!
    Charlotte //

  6. This is one of my favourite mascaras - I love how affordable it is!

    Caz | This is Caz

  7. I. Need. It. Now!! ❤️

  8. I love this Mascara. I'm not normally a fan of Maybelline mascaras, I'm a Loreal Girl. But this has knocked all my other mascaras at the water :) xx

  9. I also love this mascara! I agree that it's only really good with one coat, it can look spidery if you try to apply any more.

    Jemima x

  10. My mascara is almost gone so I'm on the hunt for a new one, this looks well worth a try! - Amy x

  11. I'm yet to try this but it is certainly on my list, seen so many good reviews.

    Sophie |